Survival Skills Tested


What's Left of My World cover

Lauren Russell isn’t your typical young woman. Her father has seen that she was taught from a very young age the art of survival. Those skills will be put to the test after a catastrophe strikes forcing them to relocate without her dad into a remote valley in the mountains. Will they be enough to help keep her family and friends safe?

Rudolph’s first novel in the What’s Left of My World Series, What’s Left of My World: A Story of a Family’s Survival starts after the family has relocated. It’s a bit slow and I had a hard time getting engaged in the story. The protagonist, Lauren is very intense. She has good instincts but sometimes she’s impulsive.

The book has several flashback chapters which break up the flow and disrupts the storyline. As I’ve already started book two this seems to be the author’s style of writing. While it is fairly well edited there were problems with the use of possessiveness.

Overall it is okay. Definitely not 5-star worthy though.

3 out of 5 stars.


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