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The Illusion Of Sanctuary


the day after never 7 cover

Lucas Shaw runs into trouble everywhere he goes. No matter how hard he tries to go towards home he ends up helping others fend off or vanquish evil. Meanwhile, those in Shangri-La are fighting their own battles to survive. And, the Illuminati have their hands stirring the pot against those who do not want their rule.

Russell’s eighth novel in The Day After Never series, Legion follows Lucas as he winds his way back to Sierra and the kids. There seems to be a never-ending series of potholes he must navigate to get there. The crazy self-proclaimed prophet from book seven leads his people to exact revenge on the folks Shangri-La. Will any of them find sanctuary?

I love this series, but I’m ready for it to come to conclusion. There are only so many ways Lucas can escape death.

5 out of 5 stars.

Evil Must Be Undone


dawn of deception 2 cover

Sloane Delaney is always vigilant. She is constantly preparing for the worst-case scenario. From her experience on Horseshoe Lane, she knows evil will stop at nothing. But, is she prepared for what she’s up against now? And, will she be able to protect those dear to her?

Shaw’s second novel in the Dawn of Deception series, Undone picks up several months after the first book. The characters have grown from the horrors they experienced and are stronger as a result. Sloane’s sheer will if nothing else has kept them together.

I’ve followed Shaw since her very first novel. She always delivers a good story. This is no exception. It is solid. In some ways, this one is more horrific than the first. There is no way to escape the maliciousness of those that are intent on ruling in this new post-apocalyptic world.

5 out of 5 stars.

Are You Immune?


affliction cover

An outbreak of flu-like illness is quickly spreading throughout the USA and abroad. Researchers are desperately seeking a cure or vaccine. But, it is a bacterial sickness that is immune to all known antibiotics, and it’s mutating.

Abrahams’ fourth novel in The Alt Apocalypse, Affliction follows our established set of characters and adds some new ones into the mix. The mystery behind these catastrophes is slowly unraveling. Characters that haven’t died before are swiftly taken from our grasps.

Every book in this series takes my breath away. They also leave me wanting to know more. While Abrahams claims they can all be read as standalone tales I beg to differ. There are too many unanswered questions to leave the entire series unread.

5 out of 5 stars.