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Where The Whiskey Drowns


Friends in Low Places cover     Joe Maynard runs the restaurant/bar that Inspector Thomas Sullivan takes his meals. But who is he really? What’s his story? Joe won’t tell you.

Sivils’ first novella in the Capital City Characters series, Friends In Low Places provides you with a look into how Joe came to Beta Prime and subsequently established Joe’s Place. He’s got a past that he’d rather keep there.

After reading the Inspector Thomas Sullivan series it was nice to get the backstory on one of the supporting characters. While Joe’s Place plays an important role in the series, Joe himself is mostly quiet and unassuming until he isn’t.

5 out of 5 stars.

A Paradise Built Upon Lies


The Price of a Lie cover     Thomas Sullivan has been asked to solve the death of a very wealthy man’s son. The remote location has Father Nathan unnerved. Sarah is the most scared she has ever been. Everything about the case screams ‘don’t take it!’ And for that very reason, Sully does.

Sivils’ latest novel in the Inspector Thomas Sullivan Thriller series, The Price Of A Lie is a study of mixed emotions. Father Nathan confronts his past. Sarah’s memories are rekindled. Sully just wants to find the truth.

P-42686 has the reputation of being the best place in the universe to work. So much so that workers rarely leave. The adage ‘what seems too good to be true usually is’ fits P-42686 to a t. Find out what has everyone on edge and see more depth to our favorite characters.

5 out of 5 stars.

A Writer Scorned


Payback cover

Retired U.S. District Court Judge Cyrus Brooks is an aspiring author. His wife wants to encourage him by taking them to the annual renowned week-long writers conference, Thriller Jubilee. Their friends, D.C. homicide detective Frank Lotello and his wife join them to make a vacation out of it. Little do they know that a disgruntled fledgling novelist plans to exact revenge against those who have rejected their work.

Barak’s third novel in the Brooks/Lotello thriller series, Payback takes a different turn as Brooks’ wife sets about getting him away from the trouble that seems to follow him everywhere. What could go wrong at a writers’ conference? The ideal getaway becomes one of the most dangerous adventures for him yet.

This book is a basic whodunit that keeps you guessing until the very end. It seems that no one is safe. Should the conference organizers alert their participants or let the week play out? Today’s morality struggles ripped right out of the headlines.

4 out of 5 stars.

Profits Before Country


The Raid cover     Ryan Decker has returned but is now working with Harlow Mackenzie and company. Border patrol personnel are killed in an odd set of circumstances involving an explosion south the border. Senator Steele calls upon Decker to investigate privately for her. Now, the entire group is in danger. Will they be able to expose the cover-up without losing their lives in the process?

Konkoly’s second novel in the Ryan Decker series, The Raid follows Decker after his life was almost destroyed by a deep state conspiracy.  The spark that was ignited between him and Harlow is fanned a bit throughout this book. Old nemeses don’t seem to want to go away.

This story is full of action and adventure as one might expect. But what I found most intriguing was the characters. The support crew is very diverse and add levity in some of the most serious situations. As with the first novel the story touches on human trafficking.

5 out of 5 stars.