A Shift In Power


Blood Bought Cover     Robert Hardwick is finally on his way home. Once there his family will finally be all together again. In this new post-apocalyptic world, they must work harder than ever to stay together and to stay alive. Some would do anything to take away everything.

Horton’s fourth book in The Locker Nine series, Blood Bought is a contrast in emotions. There is the joy Robert and his family experience once they are reunited. Then there is the grim reality of the outside threats they continue to face. They can never let their guard down as if things were back to normal.

Congressman Honaker failed in his attempt to overtake the compound he had scoped out for years in northern Georgia. He believes that since Robert is friends with the owner and writes post-apocalyptic novels for a living, that Robert must have a similar compound in Virginia. Never one to be denied, the congressman sets his caravan off to confront the Hardwicks.

Reminiscent of the David and Goliath story, Honaker is confident that he has the numbers on his side. Robert and his family know they will be overwhelmed if they don’t place some outlying deterrents in hopes of buying them time and element of surprise.

I read this book in one sitting on a Friday afternoon/early evening. It’s a fast read, enjoyable read.

5 out of 5 stars.

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