Is Revenge Really Worth It?


The Ungovernable Cover     Jim Powell wants to get as many crops in the ground as possible to help him, his family, and his friends make it through the next winter. Boss, aka Captain Ballou, has other plans for Jim. After losing his hand and all his team during the attack at the power plant, he has nothing but revenge on his mind. Now, Jim is a wanted man.

Horton’s seventh novel in The Borrowed World Series, The Ungovernable keeps those in the valley with Jim on their toes as folks from town and neighboring communities attempt to collect the reward for bringing Jim to Boss. Boss is relentless in his pursuit even though he has been ordered to stand down. He covertly gains assistance from those around him. His rage is palatable.

Many in town feel anger toward Jim for taking the opportunity for electricity from them. So when Boss’s flyers show up with Jim’s photo, they are more than happy to try and turn him in. There is more than one trick up Jim’s sleeve. And, things aren’t as they seem.

5 out of 5 stars.

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