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Too Many Promises


TDAN Nemesis     Lucas Shaw is settling down with Sierra and the children in Provo, Utah. A deathbed promise puts his loyalties to the test and threatens to tear his family apart. Meanwhile, the Illuminati continues to take power throughout Texas with whoever will lie in bed with them. The Crew, though it has been decimated by the Cartel, is trying to make a comeback.

Blake’s 9th novel in The Day After Never series, Nemesis finds Lucas making strange bedfellows with the same goal of defeating the Illuminati and liberating Texas. As always, the story is action-packed and fast-paced.

I’m not exactly sure where the story is going to go but it’s obvious that there are several lore novels left in this series.

Five out of five stars.

New Beginnings


Grounded cover     Mike Crenshaw, his girlfriend, and his best friend decide it is time for them to search out family in hopes that they have survived the Scourge and/or the upheaval that followed. The remainder of their group stays on to search out the rumored utopia of central Florida. The government is desperately trying to re-engineer the virus to suit its nefarious purposes. And, the Cartel is taking hold in the territory formerly known as Texas.

Abrahams’ third and final novel in The Scourge series, Grounded follows each group as they grapple with the new normal. Life is hard; and survival is harder. There are several story arcs to follow. Some tie directly to The Traveler Series. Others follow the new characters.

It is interesting to see how many of The Traveler Series supporting characters arrived in their positions. Though in at least one case the plunge in their career is not fully developed.

4 out of 5 stars.

Trust Your Gut


Hard Trauma cover     Tyler Stone is a soldier through and through. His career ends after a disastrous mission. Now, living near his sister and niece, he is working as a security guard at a truck stop. A young girl is kidnapped on his watch. He believes the investigators are following the wrong trail. His gut instincts lead him on a cross-country journey.

Horton’s first novel in the Ty Stone Thriller series, Hard Trauma focuses on the hardships veterans face while trying to adjust to civilian life. Ty constantly battles demons that no one else sees. The world-building is great, and the character development is superb.

This is a very good introduction to the Ty Stone Thriller series. The reader gets a good background on Ty as he struggles with what he is going to do with his life. He approaches the kidnapping as if he were on a military mission. Saving the girl at all costs is something he must try to do.

5 out of 5 stars.

Riots, Rumors, and Running, Oh, My!


Cry Havoc cover     Daniel Taylor works for a major bank in the trendy Buckhead area of Atlanta. He is on the IT team responsible for cybersecurity. When a breach hits nationwide, chaos reigns. No one can access their money. Riots ensue. The government steps in and things happen swiftly and dramatically.

American’s novel, Cry Havoc though written in 2015 is very timely in 2020. It demonstrates the worst possible scenario when the government oversteps its constitutional authority. It also showcases the devolving of mankind in a very short period of time.

When Daniel finds himself trapped at work with his girlfriend and a few building security coworkers, he realizes that they must find a way out of Atlanta at all costs. Timing will be everything in their escape. Avoiding rioters and government roadblocks will not be easy. Rumors say that Texas offers a respite from the tyranny.

5 out of 5 stars.

The Mind Is Gullible


The HEart Goes Last CDover     Stan and his wife, Charmaine have lost it all and are living out of their car. They are miserable. They are desperate. The Positron Project seems to be the answer to their prayers. Alternating each month from living in the city of Consilience and submitting as a prisoner their new lives are almost perfect. There is something much more sinister going on than either of them is aware.

Atwood’s novel, The Heart Goes Last is a dystopian utopia gone bad. It meanders along with not much happening worthwhile. And, it’s ending is stupid.

3 out of 5 stars.

Who Is In Control?


Adrift cover     Mike Crenshaw and his new friends have been adrift at sea just off the coast of Florida for almost six months. Their time has been fraught with would-be pirates. They believe that now is the time for them to come ashore and see what has become of civilization. Little do they know that the government is conspiring to weaponize the Scourge.

Abrahams’ second novel in The Scourge series, Adrift shows how Mike and his friends grow in this new dystopian world. It’s either adapt or die. Death comes more often than not. Trust is hard to come by. Friendship bonds are tested, and romantic relationships grow.

Power struggles from within the government will expand outside their current boundaries. Control is the ultimate goal.

5 out of 5 stars.