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The Fight Comes Home


This We Will Defend cover

Lauren Russell and her family have established a close-knit community in Trout Run Valley of West Virginia. Life is hard in a post-apocalyptic world. While most everyone had prepared by stocking up on supplies they are having to barter with neighbors for garden vegetables and fresh meat from livestock. The clan wants nothing more than to be left alone to subsist with one another. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and a roving hoard of Takers have other plans. The valley will be under siege. Do they have enough to defend their homesteads and families? More importantly, do they have what it takes to survive?

Rudolph’s second novel in the What’s Left of My World Series, This We Will Defend: The Continuing Story of a Family’s Survival, is very much like book one in its meandering pace. There again are several flashback chapters which break of the flow of the story. The most disappointing part of these books is that Lauren’s character is the only one that is really fleshed out. The subplot with Faith Gallo at the FEMA camp is much more cultivated. I can say that this novel was much better edited than the first.

The uniqueness of Lauren’s training instituted by her father from her very early years is what keeps me interested in these books. She is a very complex young woman. While she makes mistakes based on her impulsiveness and desire to know everything her instincts are almost primal.

3 out of 5 stars.

Truly Random Thoughts


There’s not a theme to this blog. It will truly be a bunch of random thoughts. I hope you will enjoy the read.

American Table

Did not care for the American Table menu on our recent Carnival cruise. The food was just fine and quite edible. It was the selection that we found lacking. I can see it as an option, but not the only one. I prefer the international selections. Gone were the table clothes except on Elegant nights. Yes, it is a cost savings, but it dumbs down the dining experience. Sadly, Carnival is turning into the McDonald’s of the sea. Guy’s burgers are a big hit. They are very tasty. But, why are they open only from noon until 6pm? We had the best assistant maître d’ ever! After Suresh, the very brusk head maître d’, reassigned us from a booth to a regular table, Jovannah took time at every meal to come check on us. She was very attentive.


Things I love about summertime – the smell of honeysuckle in bloom, watching fireflies in the evening, a grand thunderstorm with lots of brilliant lightening, rainbows, laundry dried in the sun, backyard BBQs, not having to turn on the hot water to bathe, going swimming, watching children play outdoors, baby birds and squirrels, the return of the hummingbirds, screened-in porches, lemonade, watermelon and cantaloupe, farm fresh vegetables, vacations, honey bees and butterflies, and sleeping under a ceiling fan.


Our HVAC folks told us last summer that our unit was the right size for our house and was working within expected parameters. Yet, family & friends as well as many businesses were nice and cool while we were sweating. I don’t understand. I’ve never lived in a house where the air conditioning wasn’t able to maintain the temperature no matter how hot it got outside. But, ours starts creeping into the 80s when the temperature outside reaches the mid-90s and above. How do I fight back with the folks at D’Antignac and Merritt on that? We are still under warrantee.


We are so very excited about our new travel trailer! I’ve never had one before, but Gary had a tiny one when I first met him. The Jayco Jay Flight that we bought is like a studio apartment. It has everything that we need for just the two of us. We’ve been trying to decide on where to take it on our first trip. We’ve pretty much decided that we would take it somewhere close for a weekend to make sure we know how to use everything and do everything we are supposed to properly. Next spring, we plan to take longer trips and eventually go on a trip through the southwest.

leaky roof

How hard is it to give someone a quote for a small roof repair? Apparently, very hard. Enon Hopkins refuse to give me a written quote because it’s not my house, but a shed. They don’t want the competition to know what they would do to fix it. Seriously? Augusta Remodeling sent someone over while we were on vacation as agreed, but refused to give us a quote because no one was home. And, they knew we would be out of town. I give up. My best friend, Tammy, has put us in contact with her handyman. I’m letting Gary handle it.


Speaking of my best friend Tammy, now that she has retired I’m getting to see a lot more of her. She has moved about an hour & half’s drive away but comes up to Augusta every week. It’s a blessing to have her around and spending much more time together. With both of us having been so busy with our careers we had been lucky to see each other 2 or 3 times a year. Best friends are hard to come by and I’m so thankful she’s mine.


I’ve got extensive spine surgery coming up on the 11th. A whole range of emotions are going through me. I’m not afraid or upset about the vertebral fusings, though I’m not looking forward to them either. The draining of the cyst bothers me a little, but not as much as the de-tethering of my spinal cord. Frankly, it scares the shit out of me. I know that it is a pretty common procedure in children with spinal bifida; but, that is usually in the lower back. My tether is between C2 & 3. Anyway, it’s all in God’s hands and I trust Him with whatever the outcome may be. I’m still human though and still scared.


Since I became disabled last July I have few hobbies that I am able to pursue. Reading is one that I can do. And, that I do on a regular basis. I read between 2 and 4 books every week. I’ve turned that hobby into a blog with reviews. While my grammar is far from perfect everyone seems to be very forgiving. In fact, I am getting requests by authors to review their books. I would have never dreamed that would happen! It’s all very exciting to me. And, it is something that I can do at my own pace. If I’m having a bad day I can put the book down to let my body rest. There are no deadlines. My time is my own. If it paid a salary, then I’d be rich! There’s nothing like doing something you really love.


Anyone have a recommendation for a housekeeper that will come every 2 to 3 weeks, do a decent job, and charge a fair price? We really need one. If they would cook dinner Monday through Friday nights for us that would be even better. Well, one can dream, can’t they?