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Riots, Rumors, and Running, Oh, My!


Cry Havoc cover     Daniel Taylor works for a major bank in the trendy Buckhead area of Atlanta. He is on the IT team responsible for cybersecurity. When a breach hits nationwide, chaos reigns. No one can access their money. Riots ensue. The government steps in and things happen swiftly and dramatically.

American’s novel, Cry Havoc though written in 2015 is very timely in 2020. It demonstrates the worst possible scenario when the government oversteps its constitutional authority. It also showcases the devolving of mankind in a very short period of time.

When Daniel finds himself trapped at work with his girlfriend and a few building security coworkers, he realizes that they must find a way out of Atlanta at all costs. Timing will be everything in their escape. Avoiding rioters and government roadblocks will not be easy. Rumors say that Texas offers a respite from the tyranny.

5 out of 5 stars.

The Second Civil War Is Here


Charlies Requrium REtrobution cover

Charlie will have to dig deep to become part of a coordinated team fighting against the DHS thugs and their allies. The new kids on the block are the Chinese heading for the west coast and the Russians and Cubans coming up through Florida. Pockets of resistance are everywhere and slowly coming together to overthrow or at least put a hurting on the president’s draconian regime.

Browning’s and American’s fourth book in the Charlie’s Requiem series, Retribution, shows us what is happening outside of Charlie’s immediate area and how it impacts what direction the resistance must go. Having the Russians and Cubans side-by-side with DHS is a game changer. The resistance is outmanned and outgunned but has hope and determination.

The farther we get into this series the more it ties into American’s The Survivalist Series. I can’t wait until the two series crossover.

5 out of 5 stars.


Family Means Everything


Home Coming Cover

Morgan Carter’s life in the new reality never seems to settle into a comfortable rhythm. Almost always something ominous is on the horizon. With the Russian and Cuban invasion advancing nearby death follows. Unless the military steps up their game Morgan’s group isn’t going to be much more effective than slingshots against a hurricane. Yet, there are still a few silver linings to be found.

American’s tenth novel in The Survivalist Series, Home Coming is a little more sedate than many of the previous books. Don’t get me wrong, there is still plenty of action. The feel is much more melancholy. The thrill of the fight seems to be subdued. I think it was supposed to be a feel-good story, but I didn’t get into that so much.

It is written somewhat different than the rest as part of it is told in the first person by Morgan. The switching back and forth within the same chapter takes a little to get used to. It was also a rather short book. I would have liked more.

**SPOILER ALERT** Some of the following commentary contains spoilers.

There were a couple of story arcs that went nowhere. The threat by those on the motorcycles was teased and then dropped. Lee Ann wanting to learn how to ride Jeff’s Harley never went anywhere. I’m hoping they are followed through in the next novel.

A ‘compare and contrast’ should to be discussed somewhere (a book club maybe?) about the mercy killings meted out in this book versus the killings of the unsustainables and undesirables in the companion series Charlie’s Requiem.

Ashley, aka Little Bit, discovers a baby squirrel and takes it on to raise as a pet. I find this very ironic since she probably shot its parents to add to the food needed by the group.

Overall, it was okay and probably a bridge to something greater.

3 out of 4 stars.

Hope Springs Eternal



Neal and his friend, Carlos have survived living off their wits along with their families since the EMP strike. The desert is unforgiving and reclaims what was once its own when man is unable to fight it back. After making plans to relocate farther north tragedy strikes unmercifully. Now, Neal faces the most important decision of his life, give up and die or fulfill the promises he made and live.

American’s and Hopf’s joint effort, Hope: A Going Home Novel, plays out in the desolate southwest. Though set in the Going Home world, it is a standalone novel. The story looks at the results of unintended consequences. Seemingly innocent actions cause grave outcomes. But, then there is always hope.

The writing is top notch and the book is well edited. The characters are believable and Neal is fully developed. The story has lots of sadness yet has a few laugh out loud moments as well.

I recommend this book. 5 out of 5 stars.

Smoke and Mirrors


Conflicted Home cover

Morgan Carter’s story continues as the US is fighting invasion on multiple fronts. With the Chinese nuking Mac Dill Air Force base and having had a run-in with Russian Pathfinders, Morgan’s group realize they are sorely under-protected. They must think about more than the day-to-day activities of bringing a community back to some semblance of before.

American’s ninth novel it The Survivalist series, Conflicted Home has both new hope and joy along with tragedy and sorrow. In fact, it is probably the best in the series as far as the story goes. I’m loving the character development of the members of Morgan’s group. The world building is so good that I have no trouble picturing the scenes in my mind.

Unfortunately, it was riddled with typos. I quit marking them after the 19th one. That is very distracting and I finally had to force myself to just read over them. I’m not sure what happened but hiring a good proofreader or starting an ARC Facebook group would have weeded most if not all of these errors out before publishing. I find it curious that after nine novels in the series that one would be so poorly edited.

There is at least one plot hole. Sarge insists that the General wants to see Morgan. Yet, when they meet the General is almost surprised to see him and says nothing to indicate he was summoned. I even went back and reread those parts to see if I had missed something.

I love this series and hope that the next installment isn’t rushed.

3 out of 5 stars based on sloppiness.

Who’s Running The Govenment?


Charlies Resistance

Charlie’s story continues as she and her newfound friends try to escape the chaos in the Orlando area. Danger is all around with the government attempting to herd everyone into FEMA camps using liberated lawless gangs to force compliance. The members of her group are now armed and have enough supplies to see them through a significant portion of their journey. The group is splintered as to where they should go and have agreed to part ways.

Browning’s and American’s third book in the Charlie’s Requiem series, Resistance, spends very little time on Charlie’s story. Instead, it covers the broader picture behind the scenes happenings with the government as well as introducing several new players into the puzzle. It takes a while but they pull all the pieces together.

There are almost too many factions to keep up with beyond Charlie and her group. And, the story is riddled with typos. The backstory is so involved and told in so much detail that I lost track of Charlie. It was good to know what is going on regionally but would have been better to have it interspersed throughout Charlie’s story. You could not have told she was the protagonist if her part hadn’t been told in the first person.

There’s a lot more to be told. Let’s hope they concentrate on Charlie’s story more in the next installment.

3 out of 5 stars.

One Man’s Journey


Rambin Man cover

David Campbell is a drunk. He spent the entire Jakarta Pandemic in a drunken stupor. Finding out his mother succumbed to the virus, he heads out to his sister’s in Kansas City. On his way there via Greyhound bus, China hits the US with an EMP. Finding himself stranded in Montezuma Iowa, David comes up with a plan to walk the rest of the way.

Not being a prepper or having much in the way of belongings, David starts from scratch finding supplies he will need for the long trek. Demon alcohol keeps taunting him and is hard to ignore. A fifth of Jack Daniels finds its way into his pack.

Ancient tractors and older pickups pass David by as he heads out of town. Confused at first, he realizes that they are without modern electronics. This gives him hope of finding a vehicle to speed up his trip.

The virus wiped out a large segment of the population. But, there are plenty of evil doers left to wreak havoc on those trying to survive this latest turn of events. The fly-over states are not densely populated and David has hope that he will be able to skirt any areas with potential conflict.

American’s novella addition to The Perseid Collapse Series in Kindle Worlds, Ramblin Man, is a quick, easy read. Even with an alcohol pickled brain, David is smart enough to be self-sufficient. This story is in sharp contrast to what is happening on the east coast where folks are jammed together. I’m not saying David had it easy, but he did have less to contend with.

These novellas always lend a different perspective to the main Kindle World in which they are written. I enjoyed this addition to Steven Konkoly’s Perseid Collapse Series.

5 out of 5 stars.

Time to Put Out the Trash


Avenging Home cover

Morgan doesn’t want to shoulder the responsibility of being sheriff, jury, and judge. He is evaluating members of the surrounding community to step-up for the role of judge. But, an outsider has swooped in like royalty and is demanding the job. Morgan and his cohorts have bigger fish to fry than this wannabe. The time to remove the DHS once and for all has come.

American’s seventh novel in The Survivalist series, Avenging Home, looks at the cost in human lives that it will take to secure Morgan’s community. It’s a grim reality in this new society. Several of his neighbors have already paid the ultimate price and even his own family has suffered almost grave injuries.

Every book in this series has offered pain and hope. I do believe it is a realistic view of what could happen in a microcosm if folks were willing to do whatever it took to survive.

5 out of 5 stars.

New Sheriff New Rules


Enforcing Home cover

Morgan is settling into his new role as sheriff and is trying to set a positive example. With the help of his family and close-knit friends, they try to bring peace and a sense of normalcy to their community. But, a new group of marauders has arrived and is stirring up trouble. Not only that, but a nemesis long since thought vanquished has returned for revenge.

American’s sixth novel in The Survivalist, Enforcing Home, continues the story of Morgan, Sarge, and the clan that has settled into Morgan’s neighborhood. Every day brings new challenges and danger. Nothing can be taken for granted. Life is hard and not everyone is willing to do what it takes to survive. Instead, they would rather take from others.

I’m embarrassed to say that somehow, I skipped from book 5 straight to book 8 without even realizing it. To me that says that A. American is a phenomenal writer.

5 out of 5 stars.

Nowhere is Safe



Charlie and her companions are hunkered down near DHS headquarters waiting for word from John as to when it would be least dangerous to travel and what would be their best route. They have learned that DHS are more like gestapo and the FEMA camps are more akin to prisons.

Browning’s and American’s formal novel in the Charlie’s Requiem series, Democide, follows Charlie, Dr. Kramer, and Beker as they each deal with the aftermath of an EMP attack on the USA.  While each must adapt to a life without power and the accompanying first world problems, the harsh reality of their government’s intentions are alarming.

I am so happy these two authors decided to continue Charlie’s story with a full-length novel with the promise of more in the upcoming months.

5 out of 5 stars. If I could give 100 stars for this I would.