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A Book To Die For


The Accident Cover

Isabel Reed stays up throughout the night to finish a manuscript for a new book called The Accident by Anonymous, a tell-all biography of a power mogul in the news industry. As a literary agent she sees the risks and the rewards that could come from the publication of the information contained therein.

Pavone’s second spy thriller novel, The Accident, is every bit as gripping as his first with the exception few exceptions. Once you get past the first seven or eight chapters it is non-stop, hard-packed action. It brings back Hayden Gray, the CIA operative from Pavone’s first novel, The Expats. It is Gray’s mission to see that the manuscript is destroyed and never published. And, of course, this operation is off the books (pun intended).

The identity and relationships of the author of The Accident are teased out a little at a time throughout the entire book. The story follows him as he tries to remain anonymous as an expat in Europe. What he has written could very well cost him his life and those that come in contact with his manuscript.

Other than the slow start I sometimes found it hard to follow the story as Pavone jumps from one character to another telling the story and from the present to the past without warning. There was also an alarming number of characters that were described in great detail in addition to the main three. His descriptive sentences tend to run-on to paragraph length.

As much as I loved The Expat, I was not able to love this one the same way.

3-1/2 stars out of 5.

Secret Lives


The Expats cover

Kate and Dexter Moore have the chance to start over and live the good life in Luxembourg as expats with Dexter’s job as a computer security specialist. Kate sees this as an opportunity to leave her job as a CIA operative behind. But, Kate and Dexter know nothing about the true nature of each other’s work. That is until Kate’s training causes her to question Dexter’s employment.

Pavone’s first novel, The Expats, is a New York Times bestseller, an Edgar Award winner, and an Anthony Award winner. It is easy to see why with the believable dialogue, plot twists, and genuine intrigue set forth within the story. This book is a fast read even with the complex story telling which mixes the past with the present.

The backdrop is beautifully described as the couple travels throughout Europe. The suspense along with the layers of deception keep the story interesting. The complicated characters are well developed. It is a good spy thriller. 5 out of 5 stars.