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Once a Spy, Always a Spy


The Colonels Mistake Cover

Former CIA station chief, Mark Sava, is living the good life with his girlfriend in Baku, Azerbaijan. Sava comes out of retirement when officials arrest his protégé for a crime she did not commit, and someone murders the entire CIA staff in Baku. Once he is knee deep in the mystery, it is hard to tell who are friends and who are enemies.

Maryland’s first book in A Mark Sava Spy Novel series, The Colonel’s Mistake, is an action-packed, spy thriller. Strong characters get caught up in a deadly intelligence game of global espionage. The story takes you from Paris to Dubai with other exotic stops between, all described in vivid details.

The story gets you hooked from the beginning and does not let go. And, while it is the first in the series, it does not leave you hanging at the end. I look forward to other books. 4 out of 5 stars.