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America Strong


LS Turning the Tide     John Mack has been reinstated in the Army and promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. With the Chinese having crossed the Mississippi River and made it to the Appalachian Mountains everyone feels they must do their part to help defeat the enemy. Everyone in the town of Oneida between the ages of 18 and 30 has elected to join. In fact, John’s young son, aged 12 has snuck off to join as well.

Weber’s 4th and final novel in the Last Stand Series, Turning the Tide shows us the gruesome horrors of war. With a traitor in their midst, the town of Oneida cast a suspicious eye on almost everyone. Prisoner of war camps set up behind enemy lines and run by the North Koreans are little more than death camps.

I’ve really enjoyed this series. And I appreciate you bearing with me for posting a review of each book back to back.

Five out of five stars.



LSWarlords    John Mack has become the reluctant mayor of Oneida, Tennessee after overthrowing the Chairman. Discovery that the United States is at war on their own land against the Chinese, the Russians, and the North Koreans Has come as quite a shock. The enemy is now knocking at the doors of the Mississippi River and has the sleepy little town of Oneida in its crosshairs.

Weber’s third novel in the Last Stand Series, Warlords has John reliving a lot of his past military life. The town of Oneida has just begun to rebuild in this new world without power. Now they were thrown into the middle of the war waging all around them. Will John’s nightmares help or hurt him in the situation?

This book shows quickly from being a prepper novel into a war novel.

Five out of five stars.

Tyranny Unmasked


LS Patriots     John Mack and his family have fled to their cabin after their neighborhood has all been but destroyed. Not too long after they have settled in with the Appleby’s and have started to live a somewhat peaceful life, they discover a tyrant under presidential orders confiscating guns and imprisoning or murdering those that refused to turn them in. But this Chairman is not what he seems to be at all.

Webber’s second novel in the Last Stand Series, Patriots shows how quickly some folks submit without question. John’s family has been taken prisoner.  Fortunately, there are plenty of Patriots in the area willing to fight for their rights and to free their families.

These books are relatively short. They are each dedicated to one specific topic. They’re well written and well-paced. My next two reviews will finish out the series.

Five out of five stars.

Love Thy Neighbor


Last Stand Surviving America's Collapse cover     John Mack along with the rest of the world is thrown into the 1800s as a result of an EMP or a solar flare. His first instinct is to take his family to their bug out location. But his morality keeps him close to home in order to help his neighborhood. Will this be the biggest mistake of his life?

Weber’s first novel in The Last Stand Series, Surviving America’s Collapse examines the microcosm of one street within a neighborhood as they tried to survive in this world without electricity or transportation. Hearing gunshots nearby and seeing fires set to homes in other neighborhoods quickly become as important as trying to keep water and food spread out amongst them.

Mack’s military training and prepping are taxed to the limit as he tries to guide his neighbors. Drug dealers quickly try to take over. It’s clearly a nerve-racking event for all.

Four out of five stars.

The World Will Be Forever Changed


48 Hours Cover     Darren and Darla Brooks are living their dream in the Ozarks of Missouri. Even though Darren doesn’t have to work he is head of security at The Underground, a storage facility within a mountain carved out by a limestone mining company. Darla has ‘retired’ after selling her successful arms manufacturing firm. A CME has hit three weeks earlier leaving some of the country’s infrastructure struggling. Though warnings were heeded there was only so much that could be done ahead of time as the government has never implemented a hardening program. Now, another CME is headed their way with rumors of something much worse.

Forstchen’s novel, 48 Hours does a decent job of explaining the science behind am EMP causing CME. It also parallels the continuity of government against what is best for humanity. This is a standalone novel that is not tied to The One Second After series.

Once Darren realizes what the government plans to use The Underground for, he and Darla hatch a bold scheme to try and stop them. Lives will be lost. Predictions will come true. The world will be forever changed.

5 out of 5 stars.

Where Can We Go?


EMP Chaos cover

Tom Horn and what’s left of his intrepid crew continue their journey to find a hidden refuge. They have been unceremoniously kicked out of Stoney Creek based solely on misinformation about the death of the sheriff. Carlos Fox, a former hitman for the cartel, gave Tom his life back if he and his group stay clear of Clarksdale. They can’t go towards Prescott as the escaped convicts have taken over that area. So, that leaves Sedona. Will they find something close enough to scavenge from town and yet, remain undetected?

Newman’s second novel in the Post Apocalyptic Survival Fiction series, EMP Chaos in the Storm, tends to meander from topic to topic. The story is interesting and mentions many ways to scrounge up an existence in the new world.

Again, there are several plot holes and many typos. The book ends as though there may or may not be another but with no cliffhanger.

3 out of 5 stars.

There’s No Place To Hide


EMP cover

Sam Regan is a protected witness against a drug cartel. To save himself from the cartel’s hitmen he flees Kentucky and changes his name to Tom Horn. After ending up in Arizona a series of catastrophic events bring about an apocalypse. Will Tom and his new-found friends survive in a world without power, most electronics destroyed, and meteors striking without rhyme or reason?

Newman’s novel, EMP Perfect Storm: Book 1 – Post Apocalyptic Survival Fiction tells a good story and has strong character development.  Unfortunately, it also contained a couple of plot holes and some confusing dialogue. While mostly grammatically correct it could have been written much better.

The story piqued my interest enough that I’m willing to overlook these issues and check out the next book in the series.

3 out of 5 stars.

Trying To Get Home


Pilgrimage cover

James (Rock) Rockwell and his family are on an island off the coast of Portland, Maine when an explosion sends a tsunami their way. Realizing that no one will come to their aid they seek higher ground until they can find a way home. After leaving the island they discover that civilization has dissolved into the chaos that threatens their lives at every turn. Can they adapt and manage to get home? And, is home any safer than anywhere else?

Abrahams combines three novellas, Crossing, Refuge, and Advent into a standalone novel, Pilgrimage: A Post-Apocalyptic Survival Story. The story is loosely based on the The Perseid Collapse series of books written by author Steven Konkoly. It is very well done and follows Konkoly’s timeline. The characters are as real as they get. The family makes heart-stopping mistakes that keep you on the edge of your seat throughout the story. The emotions tug at you as you read about their struggles with the new reality that surrounds them.

Having previously read each of the novellas I was surprised to find as many errors in the combined version as I did. A few were contextual misspellings while the main portion were continuity errors. The story was every bit as good as it was in separate pieces. Abrahams seamlessly transitioned from one part to the next.

James made me want to knock him upside the head on numerous occasions. The man can’t walk without tripping over something.

Even with the mistakes, I would recommend reading this novel.

4 out of 5 stars.

Too Good To Be True


Vigilante Darkness

Levi Levins is on a short vacation before starting his new job after just having retired from the military. What was an idyllic second honeymoon turns into a tragedy for all ages when the world is hit with a CME. Levi loses everything. The question is will he keep his humanity in these dark times?

Deane’s first book in the Vigilante series, Into the Darkness: American Post Apocalyptic EMP Thriller is an adult novel with the violence and language therein. It disappoints by being written on a seventh-grade level. While the English is impeccable it is very simplistic. What bothered me the most though were all the misplaced or missing quotation marks for conversations. That broke up the story and was distracting.  There were also a couple of timeframe errors that had me going back and forth to make certain that I had not missed anything.

All in all, the story had potential but fell flat. I will not continue the series.

2 out of 5 stars.

Love Finds A Way


Unwanted World

Nico Bell is an undercover border patrol officer trying to infiltrate a drug cartel. Kate Chandler is Chris Chandler’s younger sister hiding from her past behind the bar where she works. Nico is determined to peel back the layers Kate has constructed to insulate and protect her from her own feelings. Reload is her service dog and senses that Nico is a good man. San Antonio is rich in history. Will that history be destroyed when an EMP turns the city upside down?

Pike’s fourth novel in The EMP Survivor Series, Unwanted World: A Post Apocalyptic/Dystopian Survival Fiction Series, branches off from the previous books and takes us back to before the EMP struck San Antonio. We meet Chandler’s sister, Kate, and discover why she has not returned home. Once the EMP strikes Kate finds herself separated from Nico. Can he fulfill his promise to return?

Of all the books so far in this series, this one starts off the slowest. But, once it gets going BOOM! Watching Kate’s character grow was very satisfying. Grit gets tossed around a lot when describing characters in these type of books, but Kate truly puts new meaning to the word. I’m anxious to see where the series goes from here.

4 out of 5 stars.