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Don’t Poke The Bear

Don’t Poke The Bear

Jake Klein is a 20-year-old college student who happens to be a genius when it comes to computers. He’s bored with his studies and is ready to make his mark on the world. Little does he know that he’s poking the bear. He believes he can solve the election fraud if he can only find out who the culprits are.

Barak’s fourth novel in the Brooks/Lotello series, JK’s Code is an amazing work of art. The attention to detail is evident throughout the entire book. I do not doubt the amount of research that was put into writing this story.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It is one of the better ones that Barak has written. The story is timely and very believable. I look forward to reading whatever he comes up with next.

5 out of 5 stars.

Whose Child Is It?


Spy for Hire cover

Mark Sava has been kicked out of Azerbaijan – permanently. He currently resided in Kyrgyzstan with his girlfriend, Daria Buckingham. Both are former CIA operatives. Daria has left the spy world for more altruistic endeavors. While Mark is now working for Central Asian Information Networks (CAIN), a spy for hire corporation. In an ordinary world the orphanage that Daria works for would not be involved in a covert spy op. But, Mark’s world is far from ordinary.

Mayland’s third novel in the Mark Sava Spy series, Spy for Hire puts a two-year-old orphan in the middle of a power struggle from Kyrgyzstan to India and to Bahrain. Like any good mystery there are several twists and false leads that keep you guessing until the very end.

CAIN is the starting point and the owner, Bruce Holtz had decided not to tell Mark. Not knowing whom to trust he calls in John Decker to protect the child until things are sorted out. The players use Mark’s past against him. All he wants to do is right by the child.

4 out of 5 stars.

They Want Him Dead


The Leveling cover

Mark Sava is a former CIA station chief retired in Baku, Azerbaijan where he teaches college. His life was rather peaceful. That is until an assassin attempts to kill him while he is tutoring the son of a high-ranking member of society. With his known past, the government of Azeri kicks him out of the country permanently. Before he can leave he receives photos he believes came from his friend John Decker. The CIA wants him back in the USA. But, Sava feels he must find Decker first. Who wants Sava killed and why? What does Decker’s disappearance have to do with it?

Mayland’s second novel in the Mark Sava Spy series, The Leveling is full of intrigue and espionage. From the dark underworld of the Middle East Sava and his former girlfriend, Daria Buckingham search for answers and Decker. Add the Chinese to the mix and the region is set for war.

If you love spy novels The Leveling will not disappoint. It will keep you guessing until the very end. The fast-paced action is almost nerve-wracking. Trust is a commodity easily bought and then resold.

5 out of 5 stars.

An Assassin Is Born


Inception cover

Daniel Petrovich starts out as the authority adverse, Lieutenant Junior Grade in the Navy. He goes on to become the cold-blooded assassin, Marko Resja in the off the books Black Flagged program. He meets all the requirements and is easily molded into his new identity. And, he is most deadly.

Konkoly’s novella Black Flagged Series Prequel, Inception, is Daniel’s origin story. While he is not the easiest protagonist to like, he grows on you if you continue with the series. It always amazes me the amount of detail and precision the Konkoly goes to in his stories.

I was excited to get this novella at first. It starts off well and grabbed my attention. It is action-packed and very intense. What disappointed me was the lack of information regarding the actual training at General Sanderson’s camp. I wanted more and felt a bit shortchanged.

4 out of 5 stars.

It Died A Painful Death


I Am Not A Traitor cover

Henry Stein is living a life of lies, of secrets, of regrets. Before him now is the toughest decision he has ever faced. He must choose between Israel where he currently lives and has served in the military or England where he was born and raised and became a member of MI6.

Latz’s novel, I Am Not a Traitor, is an international spy thriller. The pace is very slow. It starts with Henry imprisoned suspected of treason against Israel. And, it drags on from there. There is no predictability with the story as I lost interest by chapter 13.

The writing is good. It’s the storytelling that is painful. The first 10 chapters are of him being interrogated repeatedly. Very little is revealed during this time. It had potential.

2 out of 5 stars.

I received this book for free from the author. This in no way affected my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Better Than A Game Of Clue


The Point of a Gun cover

Samms is the head of a vigilante, anti-terrorist group operating on American soil outside the purview of and to the consternation of the US government. All evidence points to the group having someone on the inside of the intelligence community at a very high level. The President has asked that a secret task force be brought together of the most likely suspects in hopes that the others will out him or her. The group was quickly narrowed down to the CIA Counterterrorism (CT) representative, the FBI Special Agent in Charge of CT, and the Army’s Senior Special Ops CT expert.

Meanwhile, Samms’ group continue to stop numerous acts of violence against the US as the government ignores the threats. The President and his top advisor are doing everything they can to keep a lid on the vigilante groups’ activities. If news leaked out there could be numerous copycat attacks on innocent Americans, and the embarrassment of the government being caught with its pants down.

Samms’ group has access to the same information as the government ABC agencies. The government agencies are restricted by layers upon layers of bureaucracy that keep each other from sharing information. Somehow, Samms’ group can pull that all together and are able to stop terrorist acts before or as they are unfolding. And, the government belittles every attempt by Samms to get them to take the action themselves.

The secret task force can’t seem to discover the identity of Samms, so the President hires a top-secret investigator. Terrorists don’t take holidays and the number of potential attacks continues to drive Samms group into action. Samms’ calling card is left at every mission. What will the President do with the vigilantes if found?

Kohlhagen’s novel, The Point Of A Gun, is a political thriller full of misdirection and cleverly laid clues. It is a fast-paced, heart-stopping tale. The characters are fully developed and likable, well, except for Moose. Nobody likes Moose. The story flows well and the end is satisfying. It is an engaging read and very hard to put down.

Colonel Edwards brought his deputy into his confidence in a meeting with Nancy. The deputy never shows up again in the book. So, I am at a loss as to why there was so much discussion with him at all. Then there was the mention of Cheese having a girlfriend outside of the group, but a lot of seemingly harmless affection exchanged between him and May. Not sure where this was supposed to go.

I really did enjoy the book and would highly recommend it to anyone who likes conspiracy thrillers.

4 out of 5 stars.

I received this book for free from the author for review consideration. This in no way affected my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Let’s End This


Hidden Allegience

Jackson Quick has been living a quiet life with his girlfriend when his past shows up at his doorstep. He had been hoping against all hope that he had left the life of espionage and running far behind. So, to try and regain some sort of normalcy he pits two of his nemesis against one another. He soon discovers that nothing in his life has happened by accident.

Abrahams third novel in A Jackson Quick Adventure series, Hidden Allegiance, is another fast-paced, roller coaster ride of global players vying for world domination. Everything is a mystery and everything is connected.

Congratulations on a series well done! As much as I hate to see it end I am thankful that Sir Spencer will show up in other books.

5 out of 5 stars.

Will the New World Order Succeed?



Matti Harold is suffering from PTSD from the attack on the Capitol. President Jackson has made Matti part of her inner circle since Matti was instrumental in saving her life. But, after seeing Jackson with a known terrorist Matti feels that there is more going on than originally thought. There seems to be a much larger conspiracy at play.

Abrahams second novel in A Political Conspiracy series, Intention, continues just months after the first book. We are given a more in-depth look into Matti’s character. She is most definitely a flawed heroine. The story line is full of surprises with characters not being what they seem. The plot has several twists that keep the reader focused on the bigger picture.

The complex relationship between Matti and the President is full of contradictions. Those pushing for a new world order will stop at nothing to achieve their goals. Will Matti again be able to derail their plans?

5 out of 5 stars.

I received this book for free from the author for review consideration. This in no way affected my opinion of the book, or the content of my review.

Corporate Espionage & Cyborgs


The Blueprint Cover

Jason Hunt is doing very well in the post 2008 financial collapse. His wife has just accepted her dream job working on advanced human augmentation. Then everything falls apart. Someone it trying to kill them. In a very competitive corporate world where dominating not only the market, but the world is the goal, black-op strikes have become the new norm. Corporate espionage has gone to its highest level of treachery.

Cross’ first novel in The Upgrade series, The Blueprint, gives us a futuristic view of how man’s body could possibly be enhanced through robotics.  It also looks at how mega billionaires using their corporation could control governments throughout the world. The combination of the two come together in a thrilling adventure.

There are a lot of characters and it was not entirely clear who the protagonist was going to be for a long time. I had it narrowed down to 3 people when it finally became clear that Jason was it towards the end of the book. During the first half dozen or so chapters the author switched back and forth between the present and the past without warning. This was confusing at first until I figured out what was going on. It would have been better if the author had put a tagline at the beginning of each chapter noting the date.

Otherwise, it was a face-paced book with a lot of action. I did indeed enjoy it.

4 out of 5 stars.

I received this book for free from the author for review consideration. This in no way affected my opinion of the book, or the content of my review.

A Book To Die For


The Accident Cover

Isabel Reed stays up throughout the night to finish a manuscript for a new book called The Accident by Anonymous, a tell-all biography of a power mogul in the news industry. As a literary agent she sees the risks and the rewards that could come from the publication of the information contained therein.

Pavone’s second spy thriller novel, The Accident, is every bit as gripping as his first with the exception few exceptions. Once you get past the first seven or eight chapters it is non-stop, hard-packed action. It brings back Hayden Gray, the CIA operative from Pavone’s first novel, The Expats. It is Gray’s mission to see that the manuscript is destroyed and never published. And, of course, this operation is off the books (pun intended).

The identity and relationships of the author of The Accident are teased out a little at a time throughout the entire book. The story follows him as he tries to remain anonymous as an expat in Europe. What he has written could very well cost him his life and those that come in contact with his manuscript.

Other than the slow start I sometimes found it hard to follow the story as Pavone jumps from one character to another telling the story and from the present to the past without warning. There was also an alarming number of characters that were described in great detail in addition to the main three. His descriptive sentences tend to run-on to paragraph length.

As much as I loved The Expat, I was not able to love this one the same way.

3-1/2 stars out of 5.