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Escaping the masses


Charlies Requiem

Charlie, aka Charlotte, is a pharmaceutical rep visiting one of her clients in the Orlando area when an EMP hits the USA. The doctor realizes what has happened and the danger all his employees and patients are in. Hundreds of thousands of tourists along with the residents of Orlando are suddenly without any means to travel home or survive. This story focuses on Charlie’s adventure as she tries to get to safety with several traveling companions.

This novella is a joint effort by Angery American and Walt Browning. It is a companion work to the Going Home series by A. American. Instead of focusing on the microcosm of Morgan’s world, it explores the disaster from the perspective of non-preppers caught in the masses of humanity.

I thoroughly enjoyed this novella and am happy to see that the authors have decided to continue Charlie’s story with full length novels.

5 out of 5 stars.

Sometimes the Good Guys Really Win


Forsaking Home cover

Morgan Carter and his extended family of friends have bugged out to a secluded area along the river into rustic cabins. Sarge and his crew have joined them temporarily. But, the more that they settle in the more outside influences threaten their survival. Things at the FEMA camp are going from bad to worse for Jess and her friends. And, the National Guard is planning to turn the place upside down.

American’s forth novel in The Survivalist Series, Forsaking Home, follows Carter as he tries to make the cabins in the woods as homelike as possible. With the move comes more of the mental challenges of survival. Up until now most of them lived in their home and that served as an anchor point to the Before. Jess soon finds out that there is a feudal-like structure to the FEMA camp. Those with DHS that feed off the fears of others are thriving with power over the citizen prisoners. Will the Guard succeed?

Each book in the series brings in new characters and some of the lesser reoccurring ones. It is a small world now with so many folks either relocated or having died. It’s a dog eat dog environment now. If you don’t destroy a threat when you first encounter it, then you had better watch your back. It is a time where like-minded survivors need to come together so that they have more security.

If you liked the first three books in this series, you will enjoy this one just as much.

5 out of 5 stars.

Time to Cut Your Losses


Escaping Home

Morgan Carter feels that he has done what was needed to survive in an economic collapse such as the one the country Is now in. As more of his neighbors either flee to the FEMA camps or die due to starvation or suicide, he finds him and his allies are under constant attack by raiders and sniper fire. None of them want to leave, but what is the price that they will pay if they stay? And, with the rumors that the FEMA camps are more like prison camps, what are their bug out options?

American’s third novel in The Survivalist Series, Escaping Home, showcases the struggles that Morgan faces with trying to balance staying at their home and keeping his family safe. Can he convince his family to relocate if the time comes they can no longer sustain their home? This book also picks back up the story of Jess and what has happened with her and her family since Morgan got her safely to her parents.

Another well written, well edited story in the series. The characters are very diverse and quite complex. The tale is every bit as gritty as those before. I really love this series.

5 out of 5 stars.

Justice For All


The World Cowers cover

Blake Jackson and his wife, Sandra, are arrested for treason, murder, and other crimes against the state. They are taken to an underground bunker where they find out that the government has been regrouping. With the reemergence of the president, the United States if finally acting to thwart those that would seek to destroy it.

Craven’s seventh novella in The World Burns series, The World Cowers: A Post-Apocalyptic Story, is the beginning of the recovery on a nationwide scale using Kentucky as the model to follow. It follows the battle of the homestead against an old nemesis and the rest of the Rebel Radio alliance.

This story only keeps getting better and better. With each victory also comes sorrow. Such is the way of the new reality.

5 out of 5 stars

What’s Mine is Mine


Surviving Home cover

Morgan Carter and his traveling companions have each made it to their respective homes throughout Florida after walking home due to an EMP event basically stranding travelers everywhere. With Morgan being an avid prepper his family is better off than most of his neighbors. As things continue to get worse and his neighbors are waiting for the lights to come back on starvation and the need for clean water start to bring out the worst in society. The new government has setup FEMA camps and is strong arming folks into relocating to them.

American’s second novel in The Survivalist Series, Surviving Home: A Novel, pits the prepared against those that are not but think they are owed what others have. The FEMA camps are little more than concentration camps where you check in but you cannot check out.

This is a well written and edited book with strong characters. It is written in such a way as to be totally believable and very scary. I’m looking forward to then next installment.

5 out of 5 stars.

Leave Us Alone


Cries of the World cover

Blake Jackson’s homestead has grown into a self-reliant community and continues to grow as more survivors join them. A man stating that he is the interim governor of Kentucky comes to the homestead to take inventory and redistribute the food, supplies, and manpower. Meanwhile, Michael has helped liberate the FEMA camp in Alabama and is headed for Louisiana to find his mother. Having lost his father during the liberation his mom is all he has left of his family.

Craven’s sixth novella in The World Burns series, Cries Of The World: A Post-Apocalyptic Story, has folks coming together to survive without the forced ‘help’ of the new government. Many of those liberated from the FEMA camps have chosen to stay put and continue the work on a voluntary basis. NATO forces are deserting in droves as they find the camps not to be as originally presented.

It will be interesting to see where Craven is going with the reconstruction of a new government around those that do not want it to intervene.

5 out of 5 stars.

Even Government Supplies are Limited


The World Bleeds cover

Blake Jackson has decided to take his former blog to the radio. Folks around the country start sharing their experiences to help one another live in this new reality without power. At the same time Michael, John, and the kids leave their mountain hideaway only to be captured by NATO forces and placed in a FEMA camp. Life there is barely scraping by with a shortage of supplies.

Craven’s fifth novella in The World Burns series, The World Bleeds: A Post-Apocalyptic Story, continues the struggles of the Jackson homestead. The homestead is adding survivors and has become a regular community of like-minded individuals that are self-reliant. The FEMA camps being run by NATO forces are little more than internment camps with forced labor. Conditions there are bad even for those that ended up there voluntarily.

These stories can serve as learning opportunities as well as a good read. They make me think about what we would need to know to survive a catastrophe. I am enjoying this series.

5 out of 5 stars.