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Nuclear War Hits Florida


Randy Bragg is ahead of his time with his radical thinking. He believes in race equality which for 1959 is something that most white Southerners are vehemently against. Once nuclear war breaks out across the globe Randy is quick to embrace his Negro neighbors as they struggle to live in the reality.

Frank’s novel, Alas, Babylon was written in a much different time then we live in now. Segregation was still the norm and children lived with the threat of a nuclear attack. The late 1950s were the beginnings of many changes that lead to the way of life we now live.

Due to their proximity to many military bases within Florida Randy, his family, and friends become landlocked in-between areas that are destroyed by nuclear bombs from Russia. With little reliable communication outside of their small township, they do the best they can to survive.

For a book that was written in the late 50s and was re-released in 2013, I was surprised that there were still so many typos. I mean, after almost 60 years you would think that they would have been corrected by now. While the book in and of itself is well written and most fascinating I cannot forgive the publisher for these easily corrected mistakes.

4 out of 5 stars.