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The Reawakening


As I sit here pecking away at the keyboard writing this blog I am trying desperately to remember the four blogs that I outlined while trying to go to sleep the past few nights. It’s amazing how creative one can be while tossing and turning away the hours. You would think that I’d had the sense to at least jot down a few of my ideas on my cell phone before the sheep found me. But no, I can’t for the life of me come up with a single idea from that nocturnal restlessness.

Yesterday I had tons of creative juice flowing through my veins and wrote two book reviews in a matter of minutes. Today nada. It’s as if the faucet was turned off. I guess that is what writers’ block is all about. I’m way behind on my reading. And, I haven’t studied for my HAM license like I should. So, what is it that has my mojo out of whack? I can’t blame my disability anymore as I am so much better and able to do so much more. So, I’m thinking it’s a slight bout of depression. Nothing serious. More aggravating than anything else. It too shall pass.

The more I can do the more I want to do. Patience forgets to come along part of the time. Then, of course, the pain hits me and tells me to slow down. I can’t even remember a life without pain. No, I do not take narcotics though I could if I asked my doctors. It’s generic Tylenol and Aleve along with muscle relaxers and ice or heat packs that usually work. I do my best not to take them very much. The liver apparently doesn’t like them or so I’ve been told.

Tax season is finally over! Yay! That means my husband is back to a regular 8 to 5 schedule. Aha! I bet that’s it. His odd work hours over the past 4 months have thrown my schedule out of sync too. I had not thought of that until now. It’s as good an excuse as any, very plausible, and most definitely possible. Dang. I see daylight at the end of the tunnel now! I feel better just knowing this week will be the beginning of my turn around. Creativity will smack me right upside the head now and I’ll beat this keyboard to death with all my words.

So, there you go. The more I write the more I think. The more I think the more ideas come to the forefront. And before long there will be blog after blog written with such insight. I feel like Arthur when he pulled Excalibur out of that stone. My heart is just a thumping away with anticipation. My feet are tapping in tune. Watch out! I’m back!

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CRS – its’ real



It’s not Tuesday, it’s not Tuesday. Gary working 13 days straight has my days mixed up. I had a nice lunch of soup & salad at Applebee’s and then rushed to Walgreens to get both anniversary and Valentine’s Day cards for my hubby thinking today was Tuesday & I was late for our anniversary. Checked my calendar in the car & was relieved to find out it was Feb. 1st, a Monday. Then on the way home I started kicking myself for not remembering to ask for the senior citizen discount at Walgreens they offer on Tuesdays. See how quickly I forget? I finally get home after being stuck in construction traffic on Berkman’s Road only to realize it was Monday. I’m sure I’ll forget again later.

Do you have CRS too? Can’t Remember S . . ., uh, Stuff? Seems like I’m suffering with it more and more each day. I walk out of one room to get something from another and totally forget what I was after. In the middle of the night I get up to go write something down so I won’t forget it in the morning, get sidetracked by having to pee, and forget not only what I wanted to write down, but to even go to write it down. smh

The other day coming home from errands I repeated out loud in the Trailblazer over and over again “Ford”. Ford, Ford, Ford. I was trying to remember to download a brochure for my husband to look over options on a F150 he wants to get. I say it out loud all the way into the house. I put my purse & other things down to pet the cats and go on about my day. I still didn’t remember to download the brochure that day.

Gary uses the Google Keep app to help him keep up with things he needs to do or pick up from the store. So, now I am trying to use it. I’m certain there are any number of other apps out there that perform the same function. If I can remember to use it, then I’m sure it will be great. The problem that I’m having though is that I think of things when I’m driving. And, I do not text or use my smartphone while I’m driving. There’s probably a way to use it that is voice activated. I’ll have to remember to look into that later.