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America Strong


LS Turning the Tide     John Mack has been reinstated in the Army and promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. With the Chinese having crossed the Mississippi River and made it to the Appalachian Mountains everyone feels they must do their part to help defeat the enemy. Everyone in the town of Oneida between the ages of 18 and 30 has elected to join. In fact, John’s young son, aged 12 has snuck off to join as well.

Weber’s 4th and final novel in the Last Stand Series, Turning the Tide shows us the gruesome horrors of war. With a traitor in their midst, the town of Oneida cast a suspicious eye on almost everyone. Prisoner of war camps set up behind enemy lines and run by the North Koreans are little more than death camps.

I’ve really enjoyed this series. And I appreciate you bearing with me for posting a review of each book back to back.

Five out of five stars.



LSWarlords    John Mack has become the reluctant mayor of Oneida, Tennessee after overthrowing the Chairman. Discovery that the United States is at war on their own land against the Chinese, the Russians, and the North Koreans Has come as quite a shock. The enemy is now knocking at the doors of the Mississippi River and has the sleepy little town of Oneida in its crosshairs.

Weber’s third novel in the Last Stand Series, Warlords has John reliving a lot of his past military life. The town of Oneida has just begun to rebuild in this new world without power. Now they were thrown into the middle of the war waging all around them. Will John’s nightmares help or hurt him in the situation?

This book shows quickly from being a prepper novel into a war novel.

Five out of five stars.

An Assassin Is Born


Inception cover

Daniel Petrovich starts out as the authority adverse, Lieutenant Junior Grade in the Navy. He goes on to become the cold-blooded assassin, Marko Resja in the off the books Black Flagged program. He meets all the requirements and is easily molded into his new identity. And, he is most deadly.

Konkoly’s novella Black Flagged Series Prequel, Inception, is Daniel’s origin story. While he is not the easiest protagonist to like, he grows on you if you continue with the series. It always amazes me the amount of detail and precision the Konkoly goes to in his stories.

I was excited to get this novella at first. It starts off well and grabbed my attention. It is action-packed and very intense. What disappointed me was the lack of information regarding the actual training at General Sanderson’s camp. I wanted more and felt a bit shortchanged.

4 out of 5 stars.

A Talent For Killing


Midnight Skills cover

Luke Messner and his fiancé, Amy Landon along with all the other characters you have grown to love throughout this series come together in one final story. Winter is fast approaching and many more will perish. The Messners and their friends that have blended into a small community have prepared as well as they can. With the Civil War hitting closer to home more so now than ever Luke feels he needs to join the ragtag Texas Army National Guard not only to help but also to vent his pent-up anger. Will Luke retain his humanity or be lost forever by those who love him dearly?

Allen’s seventh and final novel in the Walking in the Rain series, Midnight Skills focuses on both the battle between the states and Luke’ inner battle. It is a heart-wrenching tale that brings all the characters together for one last stand. Some will not make it. Those that survive even though physically damaged may not survive mentally.

This is the longest book in the series and is divided into two parts. Somewhere about a third of the way through the editing suffers. There are many mistakes that should have been caught before now. And, even though I thoroughly loved the story and will miss the series I cannot give it five stars with the number of mistakes is has.

4 out of 5 stars.

Promise made, promise kept


Behind the Curtain

While on a mission in Afghanistan four of the remaining squad of Rangers in the 75th Infantry Regiment swore an oath to their dying Sergeant to take care of his family back in the states. And, that they did plus some. So, when the United States starts tearing itself apart under the new administration their efforts become more intensified. It is now a matter of life or death. Will they still be able to keep their promise?

Watson, Allen, and Allen combined efforts in their first novel of the Stolen Liberty series, Behind The Curtain is one of the best political/military thrillers I have read. These three authors have seamlessly brought their talents together in this action-packed book. Having read each of them individually I was unable to tell who wrote which part.

The first chapter of the book was a tough read for me. But, once I read farther into the book I was able to understand its relevance. The book hooked me and was hard to put down. To me, there is never a good place to leave a cliffhanger, but I feel they did a good job on this one. Of course, it made me cry.

I felt the e-book version that I read was a bit rushed to publication. There were quite a few more mistakes than usual. For that reason, I cannot give it a 5-star review. I do however highly recommend the book and look forward to reading the rest of the series.

4 out of 5 stars.

Military Fiction mixed with Post Apocalyptic Texas


Canyon cover

Marcus Battle tries to keep his promise to Lola by leaving his home to find her son. For the first time since the Scourge hit over five years ago he sees the wasteland that remains of the once proud state of Texas. Those that sought him out and destroyed his house are ruthlessly running the Cartel. You either join the Cartel, are ruled by the Cartel, or die by the Cartel.

Abrahams second novel in The Traveler series, Canyon, provides a more in depth look at Marcus’ character. The story pivots between the present and back in time to when Marcus served the military in Syria. I personally found the Syria half of the book boring. It was summed up in a couple of pages in the third book and could have easily done so in this book.

I did enjoy the rest of this book even though it was not as well edited as the first book.

3 out of 5 stars.

I received this book for free from the author for review consideration. This in no way affected my opinion of the book, or the content of my review.