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The False Ark


Long Road to Survival 2     Paul Edwards and his family have found relative safety in a government bunker that seems too good to be true. They soon find out that there are many secrets and none of them are survivable. Again, Paul’s father in law, Buck teams up with them this time to find a way out.

Bradford’s and Weber’s second novel in The Long Road to Survival: The Prepper Series Book two seas America’s society continually dissolving. Danger comes in many forms. And, it appears the most dangerous threat to their safety is man-made.

It is interesting that this is only a two-book series. While the ending was quite sad it was also very satisfying.

Five out of five stars.

Unlikely Duo


Long Road to Survival 1     Paul Edwards’ wife and daughter are a thousand miles away in Atlanta when multiple ports throughout the United States are devastated with nuclear bombs. He is determined to bring them home to Greenwood, Nebraska before the nuclear fallout reaches Atlanta. Before he hits the road his father in law, Buck joins him on the long trek. The only problem is they hate each other.

Bradford’s and Weber’s first novel in The Long Road to Survival: The Prepper Series explorers how to complete opposites can work together for the common good. They find out that their differences complement each other, and that they are actually a pretty good team.

This story is told from the points of view of Paul and his wife, Susan. While Paul and his father in law are on their way, Susan and their daughter Autumn must fight to survive on their own. Buck provides comic relief and a wealth of prepper knowledge.

Five out of five stars.

Keep The Home Fires Burning


WLOMW Indivsible     Lauren Russell is far from home trying to determine her place in the new world. But home keeps pulling her back and that is where she will go. Her father, Alan Russell is still out of her life not knowing who he is but determined to find out. Will the two of them ever find each other?

Rudolph’s sixth novel in the What’s Left of My World Series, Indivisible Is an emotional roller coaster for the reader as well as the characters. The valley where Lauren lives seems to draw unwanted attention and death. Alan runs into many obstacles on his quest to find his family. He has hopes that when he does his memory will come back.

This book is full of well-paced action. We see new sides of some of the supporting characters. Overall, it’s a very well written book.

Five out of five stars.

Here Comes Trouble


Brutal Business cover     Conor Maguire has earned the reputation as The Mad Mick within the community he lives in the mountains of West Virginia. It’s a moniker that’s been with him for as long as he can remember and before relocating to the area. He will do whatever it takes to keep this family and friends safe. Now, there is a gang a former military known as The Bond wreaking havoc throughout the north and heading south towards his neck of the woods.

Horton’s third novel in The Mad Mick Series, Brutal Business is every bit as exciting as the previous two. It is also a coming of age story for Conor’s daughter Barb. She has no choice but to find out who she is and what she is made of separate from her father.

The Bond represents a unique challenge in such that The Mad Mick can take the fight away from home. It is always better to fight an enemy on your own terms.

5 out of five stars.

New Beginnings


Grounded cover     Mike Crenshaw, his girlfriend, and his best friend decide it is time for them to search out family in hopes that they have survived the Scourge and/or the upheaval that followed. The remainder of their group stays on to search out the rumored utopia of central Florida. The government is desperately trying to re-engineer the virus to suit its nefarious purposes. And, the Cartel is taking hold in the territory formerly known as Texas.

Abrahams’ third and final novel in The Scourge series, Grounded follows each group as they grapple with the new normal. Life is hard; and survival is harder. There are several story arcs to follow. Some tie directly to The Traveler Series. Others follow the new characters.

It is interesting to see how many of The Traveler Series supporting characters arrived in their positions. Though in at least one case the plunge in their career is not fully developed.

4 out of 5 stars.

Riots, Rumors, and Running, Oh, My!


Cry Havoc cover     Daniel Taylor works for a major bank in the trendy Buckhead area of Atlanta. He is on the IT team responsible for cybersecurity. When a breach hits nationwide, chaos reigns. No one can access their money. Riots ensue. The government steps in and things happen swiftly and dramatically.

American’s novel, Cry Havoc though written in 2015 is very timely in 2020. It demonstrates the worst possible scenario when the government oversteps its constitutional authority. It also showcases the devolving of mankind in a very short period of time.

When Daniel finds himself trapped at work with his girlfriend and a few building security coworkers, he realizes that they must find a way out of Atlanta at all costs. Timing will be everything in their escape. Avoiding rioters and government roadblocks will not be easy. Rumors say that Texas offers a respite from the tyranny.

5 out of 5 stars.

Who Is In Control?


Adrift cover     Mike Crenshaw and his new friends have been adrift at sea just off the coast of Florida for almost six months. Their time has been fraught with would-be pirates. They believe that now is the time for them to come ashore and see what has become of civilization. Little do they know that the government is conspiring to weaponize the Scourge.

Abrahams’ second novel in The Scourge series, Adrift shows how Mike and his friends grow in this new dystopian world. It’s either adapt or die. Death comes more often than not. Trust is hard to come by. Friendship bonds are tested, and romantic relationships grow.

Power struggles from within the government will expand outside their current boundaries. Control is the ultimate goal.

5 out of 5 stars.

Is Revenge Really Worth It?


The Ungovernable Cover     Jim Powell wants to get as many crops in the ground as possible to help him, his family, and his friends make it through the next winter. Boss, aka Captain Ballou, has other plans for Jim. After losing his hand and all his team during the attack at the power plant, he has nothing but revenge on his mind. Now, Jim is a wanted man.

Horton’s seventh novel in The Borrowed World Series, The Ungovernable keeps those in the valley with Jim on their toes as folks from town and neighboring communities attempt to collect the reward for bringing Jim to Boss. Boss is relentless in his pursuit even though he has been ordered to stand down. He covertly gains assistance from those around him. His rage is palatable.

Many in town feel anger toward Jim for taking the opportunity for electricity from them. So when Boss’s flyers show up with Jim’s photo, they are more than happy to try and turn him in. There is more than one trick up Jim’s sleeve. And, things aren’t as they seem.

5 out of 5 stars.

Die to Fight Another Day


Bar at the end of the world cover     Ezekiel (Zeke) Watson left his girlfriend behind as he escaped certain death from his employers, the Tic a black-market cartel. The Tic battles the Overseers, some call them the government, for control of water. Nearly dead from being chased, Zeke stumbles on the property of a bar. But, it’s not any bar; it’s the bar at the end of the world.

Abrahams first novel in The Watchers series, The Bar at the End of the World is an odd mix of post-apocalyptic, dystopian, and paranormal. He does an excellent job of blending the genres to create a fascinating tale of redemption. I’ve never read anything like it, nor have I seen any other books of a similar nature.

Zeke’s character was well developed and while not the nicest person on the planet, he was relatable. The storyline is full of surprises and takes you through a maze. There is even one big ‘gotcha’ twist that makes you want to start all over from the beginning to see if you can pick up on the clues.

5 out of 5 stars.

The Greatest Sin Of All


FFA 6 cover     Reaper, aka Nelson Jackson, continues his quest with the Sin Eaters to avenge as many wrongs as possible caused by the Federal States and its supporters. The Sin Eaters have spies on both sides otherwise known as angels. President Fern is aware of this and does his best to keep the Republic within the binds of the Constitution. On the other hand, President Gifford has Colonel Marshall actively pursuing Sin Eaters and their angels.

Watson’s sixth book in the Forgotten, Forbidden America series, Sinners is full of emotional turmoil. There were times that I cried; others that made me mad. And, those that had me cheering. At this point in the series, I can hear the characters in my head when they are speaking or thinking.

The end of the war is so simple. Yet, the Feds continue the fight. It appears the tide is turning in favor of the Republic. But, is it sustainable? What horrors do the Federal States have yet to unleash?

5 out of 5 stars.