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Escape from New York


The Last Layover cover

Evan, Jason, and Peggy are part of a flight crew that is on a layover In New York City when explosions take out the grid. Their crewmember, Glen, has gone out partying and does not return. Evan and Jason are preppers with a plan to get home and hopefully survive this very type of event. Peggy is young and naïve enough to have never even considered anything like this happening. As the world around them deteriorates, Peggy has a hard time coming to the grasps with the new reality. Will she suck it up and follow Evan’s and Jason’s leads or will she become a burden that costs them time and lives?

Bird’s first novel in The New Homefront series, The Last Layover, follows the crew as they try to make it home. In this case home is Kentucky, Ohio, and Tennessee. As they travel they find out that theirs was not an isolated incident. Within a matter of hours, the worst of people who have become dependent on instantaneous gratification comes out making the journey hazardous at best and very possibly deadly.

The story in and of itself is a good one. It is paced well and edited well. The characters were not very well developed which is a bit disappointing. There was the use of some slang terminology that evidently meant something to the author but that I could not find explanations for anywhere online.

4 out of 5 stars.