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The Man with the Midas Touch


Goldfinger Cover

Auric Goldfinger is an extremely wealthy man obsessed with hording all the world’s gold. James Bond (Special Agent 007), who is a member of the British Secret Service, MI6, goes undercover to investigate Goldfinger. Bond discovers Goldfinger’s plan to destabilize the world’s economy and continue to finance SMERSH, the Soviet secret spy ring. Can Bond bring down one of the most notorious villains of all time?

Fleming’s 9th James Bond novel, Goldfinger, is set in the late 1950s. It has the iconic characters of Oddjob, driver and bodyguard to Goldfinger, and Pussy Galore, leader of an all-female gang. While far from politically correct by today’s standards, the story reflects the attitudes and cultural aspects of the time period.

While one of Fleming’s longer novels it is not one of his best. It tended to drag a bit in places and seemed rushed in others. The plot itself was disjointed. This is one case where the movie was much better than the book. 3 out of 5 stars.

Enjoy the theme movie’s theme song here: