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The False Ark


Long Road to Survival 2     Paul Edwards and his family have found relative safety in a government bunker that seems too good to be true. They soon find out that there are many secrets and none of them are survivable. Again, Paul’s father in law, Buck teams up with them this time to find a way out.

Bradford’s and Weber’s second novel in The Long Road to Survival: The Prepper Series Book two seas America’s society continually dissolving. Danger comes in many forms. And, it appears the most dangerous threat to their safety is man-made.

It is interesting that this is only a two-book series. While the ending was quite sad it was also very satisfying.

Five out of five stars.

Tyranny Unmasked


LS Patriots     John Mack and his family have fled to their cabin after their neighborhood has all been but destroyed. Not too long after they have settled in with the Appleby’s and have started to live a somewhat peaceful life, they discover a tyrant under presidential orders confiscating guns and imprisoning or murdering those that refused to turn them in. But this Chairman is not what he seems to be at all.

Webber’s second novel in the Last Stand Series, Patriots shows how quickly some folks submit without question. John’s family has been taken prisoner.  Fortunately, there are plenty of Patriots in the area willing to fight for their rights and to free their families.

These books are relatively short. They are each dedicated to one specific topic. They’re well written and well-paced. My next two reviews will finish out the series.

Five out of five stars.

Level Three of Jumanji


Rockfall cover     Bryan Hardin has returned to his small-town roots after having lived in the big city of Houston. He has settled his law practice in a small town about 25 miles from where he grew up in east Texas. Being a widower, he is making his homestead a place for the remainder of his family to gather together on the weekends. Then a large meteor strike happens thousands of miles away causing immediate changes to their weather patterns.

Allen’s first novel in The Tertiary Effects Series, Rockfall follows Hardin and his family after they receive a heads up about the meteor strike. They rally together at his farm and take stock of what they need to survive in the long term should that be necessary. Hardin himself is still struggling to fit into the small town yet keep a low profile at the same time. The last thing he wants to do is draw attention to the resources that they have.

The big question is why the government is being silent on the meteor strike. Sure, they’ve talked about the earthquake and resulting tsunami in the Pacific. But nothing on the cause. In the meantime, Bryan’s family members are going about their business back at their respective homes while monitoring all forms of communication.

Five out of five stars.

A Shift In Power


Blood Bought Cover     Robert Hardwick is finally on his way home. Once there his family will finally be all together again. In this new post-apocalyptic world, they must work harder than ever to stay together and to stay alive. Some would do anything to take away everything.

Horton’s fourth book in The Locker Nine series, Blood Bought is a contrast in emotions. There is the joy Robert and his family experience once they are reunited. Then there is the grim reality of the outside threats they continue to face. They can never let their guard down as if things were back to normal.

Congressman Honaker failed in his attempt to overtake the compound he had scoped out for years in northern Georgia. He believes that since Robert is friends with the owner and writes post-apocalyptic novels for a living, that Robert must have a similar compound in Virginia. Never one to be denied, the congressman sets his caravan off to confront the Hardwicks.

Reminiscent of the David and Goliath story, Honaker is confident that he has the numbers on his side. Robert and his family know they will be overwhelmed if they don’t place some outlying deterrents in hopes of buying them time and element of surprise.

I read this book in one sitting on a Friday afternoon/early evening. It’s a fast read, enjoyable read.

5 out of 5 stars.

Fighting Against Time


Viral Misery 2 cover     Author and Wendy Steele have been reunited and are continuing their quest to safeguard their property and the ever-growing family of orphans. The Rudolph flu has been kinder to infants and young children. So, every time the Steeles go out for supplies they seem to find more kids. But, soon leaving the homestead will become too dangerous as wildlife and nature go unchecked.

The Watsons’ second book in the Viral Misery series, Miracles follows the Steeles as they expand their house and teach their young charges how to survive. Even with all the little ones around they still miss their son, Joseph very much. Author continues to take advantage of the fear invoked by The Caravan Man. Though they refuse to take in the adults they come across, they do offer help to those that genuinely seem willing to work to survive.

Again, the Watsons had me laughing out loud at the many antics of the younger kids, especially Robin. And, they had me cringing over some of the methods used to dispatch their enemies. The ending was quite the shocker. Overall, a well-rounded emotional rollercoaster.

The one thing that I still find hard to believe is how well behaved all the children are. With minor infractions by the youngest members, no one else seems to ever bicker or act out. The adults get into more squabbles than anyone.

I do have to say that this has become my favorite post-apocalyptic series and I can’t wait for more!

5 out of 5 stars.

Evil From Within


Compound Fracture    Robert Hardwick feels like a caged animal waiting to go home from his friend’s compound in north Georgia. A greedy congressman has waged war against the compound with the intent of overtaking it and occupying it. During the current stalemate, Robert has an idea that might get the congressman to leave them alone. But, at what cost to Robert and his friends?

Horton’s third novel in The Locker Nine series, Compound Fracture see Grace and her friend, Tom have made it to Robert’s compound where they are awaiting his return. Robert declined to leave with Grace so that Sonyea had time to heal enough to travel. Now, with Author’s compound in lockdown, there seem to be limited options for them to leave.

This fast-paced book is full of surprises. There’s betrayal and new found resolve. The true meaning of friendship is tested. Family dynamics are examined. There’s a little bit of something for everyone.

5 out of 5 stars.

Stick it to the Man


DoD3 cover     Sloane Delaney and the community of Cannon Beach, Oregon have come together to take back their town and fight those that seek to stop them. Tale, the imposed king of Astoria, has other plans for these good folks. Sloane’s group has no intention of backing down. They will stand their ground no matter what it takes.

Shaw’s third novel in the Dawn of Deception Series, Unbeaten: A Post-Apocalyptic Survival Thriller is the classic David and Goliath story. It takes a lot of training and dedication to survive in this new world. With the right plans in place, a smaller force can overtake a larger, more complacent one.

It’s sad to see this series come to an end. Sloane has been such an inspirational female protagonist. She has become an unwitting leader and is respected among her peers.

5 out of 5 stars.

Where Can We Go?


EMP Chaos cover

Tom Horn and what’s left of his intrepid crew continue their journey to find a hidden refuge. They have been unceremoniously kicked out of Stoney Creek based solely on misinformation about the death of the sheriff. Carlos Fox, a former hitman for the cartel, gave Tom his life back if he and his group stay clear of Clarksdale. They can’t go towards Prescott as the escaped convicts have taken over that area. So, that leaves Sedona. Will they find something close enough to scavenge from town and yet, remain undetected?

Newman’s second novel in the Post Apocalyptic Survival Fiction series, EMP Chaos in the Storm, tends to meander from topic to topic. The story is interesting and mentions many ways to scrounge up an existence in the new world.

Again, there are several plot holes and many typos. The book ends as though there may or may not be another but with no cliffhanger.

3 out of 5 stars.

Who Is Saving Whom?



Malcom Barnett has lost everything he held dear to a virus that has decimated mankind. Without his family, he feels that he has nothing to live for. That is until he meets up with Tessa and her children while they’re trying to escape Cincinnati for Texas.

Powers’ novel, Convergence: The Far Side of Hell, is book four in the Five Roads to Texas series. It introduces us to characters not in the original story. It is a gripping tale with good character development. There is almost nonstop action with a few twists along the way. Emotions run high for both the characters and the reader.

At first, I was upset that this book did not follow some of the characters from the first book. But, once I got into the story I was hooked and forgot all about that. Hopefully, their story will continue in future novels.

5 out of 5 stars.

Evil Must Be Undone


dawn of deception 2 cover

Sloane Delaney is always vigilant. She is constantly preparing for the worst-case scenario. From her experience on Horseshoe Lane, she knows evil will stop at nothing. But, is she prepared for what she’s up against now? And, will she be able to protect those dear to her?

Shaw’s second novel in the Dawn of Deception series, Undone picks up several months after the first book. The characters have grown from the horrors they experienced and are stronger as a result. Sloane’s sheer will if nothing else has kept them together.

I’ve followed Shaw since her very first novel. She always delivers a good story. This is no exception. It is solid. In some ways, this one is more horrific than the first. There is no way to escape the maliciousness of those that are intent on ruling in this new post-apocalyptic world.

5 out of 5 stars.