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The Second Civil War Is Here


Charlies Requrium REtrobution cover

Charlie will have to dig deep to become part of a coordinated team fighting against the DHS thugs and their allies. The new kids on the block are the Chinese heading for the west coast and the Russians and Cubans coming up through Florida. Pockets of resistance are everywhere and slowly coming together to overthrow or at least put a hurting on the president’s draconian regime.

Browning’s and American’s fourth book in the Charlie’s Requiem series, Retribution, shows us what is happening outside of Charlie’s immediate area and how it impacts what direction the resistance must go. Having the Russians and Cubans side-by-side with DHS is a game changer. The resistance is outmanned and outgunned but has hope and determination.

The farther we get into this series the more it ties into American’s The Survivalist Series. I can’t wait until the two series crossover.

5 out of 5 stars.


Who’s Running The Govenment?


Charlies Resistance

Charlie’s story continues as she and her newfound friends try to escape the chaos in the Orlando area. Danger is all around with the government attempting to herd everyone into FEMA camps using liberated lawless gangs to force compliance. The members of her group are now armed and have enough supplies to see them through a significant portion of their journey. The group is splintered as to where they should go and have agreed to part ways.

Browning’s and American’s third book in the Charlie’s Requiem series, Resistance, spends very little time on Charlie’s story. Instead, it covers the broader picture behind the scenes happenings with the government as well as introducing several new players into the puzzle. It takes a while but they pull all the pieces together.

There are almost too many factions to keep up with beyond Charlie and her group. And, the story is riddled with typos. The backstory is so involved and told in so much detail that I lost track of Charlie. It was good to know what is going on regionally but would have been better to have it interspersed throughout Charlie’s story. You could not have told she was the protagonist if her part hadn’t been told in the first person.

There’s a lot more to be told. Let’s hope they concentrate on Charlie’s story more in the next installment.

3 out of 5 stars.

Nowhere is Safe



Charlie and her companions are hunkered down near DHS headquarters waiting for word from John as to when it would be least dangerous to travel and what would be their best route. They have learned that DHS are more like gestapo and the FEMA camps are more akin to prisons.

Browning’s and American’s formal novel in the Charlie’s Requiem series, Democide, follows Charlie, Dr. Kramer, and Beker as they each deal with the aftermath of an EMP attack on the USA.  While each must adapt to a life without power and the accompanying first world problems, the harsh reality of their government’s intentions are alarming.

I am so happy these two authors decided to continue Charlie’s story with a full-length novel with the promise of more in the upcoming months.

5 out of 5 stars. If I could give 100 stars for this I would.

Escaping the masses


Charlies Requiem

Charlie, aka Charlotte, is a pharmaceutical rep visiting one of her clients in the Orlando area when an EMP hits the USA. The doctor realizes what has happened and the danger all his employees and patients are in. Hundreds of thousands of tourists along with the residents of Orlando are suddenly without any means to travel home or survive. This story focuses on Charlie’s adventure as she tries to get to safety with several traveling companions.

This novella is a joint effort by Angery American and Walt Browning. It is a companion work to the Going Home series by A. American. Instead of focusing on the microcosm of Morgan’s world, it explores the disaster from the perspective of non-preppers caught in the masses of humanity.

I thoroughly enjoyed this novella and am happy to see that the authors have decided to continue Charlie’s story with full length novels.

5 out of 5 stars.