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The False Ark


Long Road to Survival 2     Paul Edwards and his family have found relative safety in a government bunker that seems too good to be true. They soon find out that there are many secrets and none of them are survivable. Again, Paul’s father in law, Buck teams up with them this time to find a way out.

Bradford’s and Weber’s second novel in The Long Road to Survival: The Prepper Series Book two seas America’s society continually dissolving. Danger comes in many forms. And, it appears the most dangerous threat to their safety is man-made.

It is interesting that this is only a two-book series. While the ending was quite sad it was also very satisfying.

Five out of five stars.

Unlikely Duo


Long Road to Survival 1     Paul Edwards’ wife and daughter are a thousand miles away in Atlanta when multiple ports throughout the United States are devastated with nuclear bombs. He is determined to bring them home to Greenwood, Nebraska before the nuclear fallout reaches Atlanta. Before he hits the road his father in law, Buck joins him on the long trek. The only problem is they hate each other.

Bradford’s and Weber’s first novel in The Long Road to Survival: The Prepper Series explorers how to complete opposites can work together for the common good. They find out that their differences complement each other, and that they are actually a pretty good team.

This story is told from the points of view of Paul and his wife, Susan. While Paul and his father in law are on their way, Susan and their daughter Autumn must fight to survive on their own. Buck provides comic relief and a wealth of prepper knowledge.

Five out of five stars.

America Strong


LS Turning the Tide     John Mack has been reinstated in the Army and promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. With the Chinese having crossed the Mississippi River and made it to the Appalachian Mountains everyone feels they must do their part to help defeat the enemy. Everyone in the town of Oneida between the ages of 18 and 30 has elected to join. In fact, John’s young son, aged 12 has snuck off to join as well.

Weber’s 4th and final novel in the Last Stand Series, Turning the Tide shows us the gruesome horrors of war. With a traitor in their midst, the town of Oneida cast a suspicious eye on almost everyone. Prisoner of war camps set up behind enemy lines and run by the North Koreans are little more than death camps.

I’ve really enjoyed this series. And I appreciate you bearing with me for posting a review of each book back to back.

Five out of five stars.



LSWarlords    John Mack has become the reluctant mayor of Oneida, Tennessee after overthrowing the Chairman. Discovery that the United States is at war on their own land against the Chinese, the Russians, and the North Koreans Has come as quite a shock. The enemy is now knocking at the doors of the Mississippi River and has the sleepy little town of Oneida in its crosshairs.

Weber’s third novel in the Last Stand Series, Warlords has John reliving a lot of his past military life. The town of Oneida has just begun to rebuild in this new world without power. Now they were thrown into the middle of the war waging all around them. Will John’s nightmares help or hurt him in the situation?

This book shows quickly from being a prepper novel into a war novel.

Five out of five stars.

Tyranny Unmasked


LS Patriots     John Mack and his family have fled to their cabin after their neighborhood has all been but destroyed. Not too long after they have settled in with the Appleby’s and have started to live a somewhat peaceful life, they discover a tyrant under presidential orders confiscating guns and imprisoning or murdering those that refused to turn them in. But this Chairman is not what he seems to be at all.

Webber’s second novel in the Last Stand Series, Patriots shows how quickly some folks submit without question. John’s family has been taken prisoner.  Fortunately, there are plenty of Patriots in the area willing to fight for their rights and to free their families.

These books are relatively short. They are each dedicated to one specific topic. They’re well written and well-paced. My next two reviews will finish out the series.

Five out of five stars.

Love Thy Neighbor


Last Stand Surviving America's Collapse cover     John Mack along with the rest of the world is thrown into the 1800s as a result of an EMP or a solar flare. His first instinct is to take his family to their bug out location. But his morality keeps him close to home in order to help his neighborhood. Will this be the biggest mistake of his life?

Weber’s first novel in The Last Stand Series, Surviving America’s Collapse examines the microcosm of one street within a neighborhood as they tried to survive in this world without electricity or transportation. Hearing gunshots nearby and seeing fires set to homes in other neighborhoods quickly become as important as trying to keep water and food spread out amongst them.

Mack’s military training and prepping are taxed to the limit as he tries to guide his neighbors. Drug dealers quickly try to take over. It’s clearly a nerve-racking event for all.

Four out of five stars.