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Government Misdirection


Canine Plague Cover

Steven Bryant, his family, and friends are in a fight for their survival and that of their beloved pets, man’s best friend, their dogs. After a corrupted medical study goes viral chaos overtakes the country as everyone tries to save his or her dogs from euthanasia. But, why was this false report issued and with such great urgency? What is the ultimate goal of those that would cause such an upheaval?

Walker’s first novel, Canine Plague: A Post Apocalyptic Thriller is a refreshingly new entry into the apocalyptic genre. There are twists and turns and the ever-present government misdirection. When the lies and evil intents are exposed will the country fight back?

This book is obviously written by a highly educated person based upon the language used. It does not contain foul language but does have some violence.

For the most part, I loved this book. It showcased how a behind the scenes operation could easily be used to derail our constitutional liberties. The issues I had with the story are SPOILERS. So, stop reading now if you don’t want to know specifics about the book.


The Kentucky Patriots have very good intentions to try and fight back against the State of Kentucky’s declaring of Martial Law. Their execution is very flawed. Taking out the power grid will cause many deaths of those whose health is dependent on medical devices run by electricity. Hospital generators will only be fueled for the short run and those within receiving critical care will surely die. Then those that need emergency care due to the violence from shortages and general mayhem will most likely die for lack of personnel showing up for work. In fact, this tactic is more of what I would expect from a terrorist group trying to overtake the populace.

Also, the KP wasn’t as sophisticated as the bragged to be. The lax OPSEC allowed a mole to uncover their plans and almost got them all killed.

Overall it is a good read and I would highly recommend it.

4 out of 5 stars.

Hilarious Coffee Table Book!


Idiots Assholes and Me cover

There are three basic types of drivers, or four if you combine two of them. Idiots, Assholes, Idiot/Assholes, and Me. Bet you didn’t know there were scientific classifications with subcategories for each of them. Well, there are! And, this book has the most common ones listed for your review and understanding.

Walker’s coffee table book, Idiots, Assholes, and Me: The Psychology of Driving is one of the funniest, politically incorrect books that I have ever had the pleasure of reading. It’s witty and sarcastic. You will definitely recognize someone you know within each chapter.

If you are perpetually offended by straightforward, honest opinions then this book is not for you. If you are ready to laugh your ass off then after reading the ebook version buy a dead tree copy for your family and friends to read while visiting the library for, well, you know. Or put it out on the coffee table for some entertaining after dinner conversation.

5 out of 5 stars.